Bar Hopping – Pattaya – Sat. Feb. 3

After recovering from last night’s crawl, I meet Willie at Why Not.

We head off to Walking Street and start a clockwise tour of Soi Diamond.
First stop is Naughty Girls Agogo then Super Girls.
Buy a drink for sexy bar girl Meow (in my preferred weight class <45 kg.).
Then upstairs to Shark Agogo and Tiger Agogo.
On Walking Street again to Dollhouse Agogo and buy drinks for manager Kwan, mamsan Nutt and sexy bar girl Bin who used to work at Club Electirc Blue and knows Big Andy.
Down the street to Roxy Agogo for a drink and chat with manager Cleve.
Off to Club Boesche for a few drinks and then next door to Catz for drinks and a long talk with friend and mamasan Sa.

Now it’s past closing time (2am) and head back to Why Not.

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