Bar Hopping – Nana, Bangkok – Jan. 25

As part of my day job, I attended a product seminar at the JW Marriott in the afternoon.

It gave me the excuse to visit Nana, which is only a short walk away.
To kill some time, I stopped at Bully’s Pub for an ale.

On to Nana Plaza and a beer at the Phoenix Bar in the middle of the NEP ground floor. There was a big covered pickup truck blocking the entrance, delivering booze. Zero security, so it could easily have have been packed with bombs and blown up the whole place. This place is really a high risk area, if someone were to target falangs.

Then, I had to fight my way through a hord of ladyboys on the second floor, to get to Angel Witch Agogo and to meet Matt. Unfortunately, he is on vacation for a few more days. Still too early for any action at the other agogo bars, so headed home.

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