Bar Crawl – Pattaya – Saturday, Jan. 20

Got an early start and head down to Pattayaland 2 area.
Kitten’s Club Agogo (Penthouse Hotel) has a new jacuzzie show that is well worth checking out.
Misty’s Agogo is right across the street and had a pleasant drink with bar girl Noi.
Classroom 1 is next door and had a quick drink there.

Off to Walking Street to catch the action at Angelwitch Agogo. Had a couple of drinks waiting for the shows to start at 10pm. Alex (Russian) and Jimmy (Auzzie) sat down at the stage were quite dunk and having fun with the service girls. A few of the dancers were descending from the top of the five meter chrome poles and Alex decided he would climb the stairs. He made it to the second rung before being dragged off and thrown out. According to service lady Peow, this happens a few times a week. The shows are the best I’ve seen in Thailand.

Off to Roxy Agogo to see Cleve, the manager and meet Roman the owner. They are marketing the bar as upscale with fashion shows and theater style seating.
Next on to Soi 19 to see Robert and Robin at Catz Agogo, the soap shows at Club Boesche Agogo and the jacuzzi shows at X Zone Agogo.

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